What is the BOKWA Bounce Foundation?

The BOKWA Bounce Foundation is a not-for-profit initiative with a singular goal: Donate one hour per week of free BOKWA instruction presented by a Certified BOKWA Instructor to every school in the country.

If we achieve this objective, we will be donating thousands of hours of fun, healthy and engaging exercise to our kids each and every week. That amounts to millions of calories burned and loads of fun.

How does it work?

  • Certified BOKWA Instructors across the country are donating one hour per week of free BOKWA classes to schools in their own neighborhood.
  • Schools can participate by simply filing out the on-line registration form on the BOKWA Bounce website and request a Certified BOKWA Instructor to contact them.
  • The BOKWA class will be offered once a week for one hour for free at your school!

It’s that simple. There is no paperwork, no money involved and no red tape.

Kids get addicted to BOKWA. The combination between the music, drawing letters and numbers with your feet and the excitement of moving together in a group becomes a transformational experience. We created the BOKWA Bounce Foundation to get kids moving and having fun like never before. BOKWA is coming to your school!

Paul Mavi & Johann Verheem – Co-CEO’s: BOKWA Fitness

Schools Sign Up!

Get a free hour of BOKWA every week for your school.

Instructors Pledge!

BOKWA Instructors – donate one hour per week to a school in your neighborhood.