BOKWA Fitness

BOKWA is different. BOKWA is a unique group workout where you simply draw letters and numbers with your feet while moving to energizing and popular music.

BOKWA is intuitive and easy to learn. If you can move and you can spell,
you can do BOKWA!

BOKWA Instructors use universal sign language to signal the different moves. It makes it easy for everyone to follow along.

And BOKWA can be done at different intensity levels. Everyone is welcome, in the same class:

  • Kids love BOKWA because it engages them mentally, emotionally and physically while they move together as a group.
  • Mothers can do BOKWA with their kids and still burn up to 1,200 calories in one workout.
  • World-class dancers and super fit instructors enjoy BOKWA, because they can draw the same letters and same numbers in the same class, simply at higher intensity.
  • Seniors can draw the same letters and numbers at low intensity and sharpen their minds while keeping their bodies moving.

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Instructors Pledge!

BOKWA Instructors – donate one hour per week to a school in your neighborhood.